7 ways of boosting your online store for a happier customer

In a brick and mortar store, you have endless possibilities of showing your customer you care. Answering their questions, showing flexibility, offering great customer service by solving their problems or just answering their questions!

You can bring this type of treatment online using a few extensions to your online store, increasing loyalty by treating your customer well. Today we’ll go over 7 ways to boost your online store for a happier customer.

1. Picking their own delivery date

Most shipping companies require a signature upon delivery of the goods ordered, which can cause some issues if the client is not at home. Maybe not with your product or service, but with the experience as a whole. It’s not your fault they weren’t there. But it’s all about the experience.

Well, now you can ship your products according to he client’s schedule. They pick their own delivery date for their order while checking out. This also depends on the shipping method chosen, the time it takes to ship to the client’s specific location. The client will then be able to view a calendar showing the available upcoming shipping dates.


This gives your customer the complete flexibility to receive their orders, based on their schedule and not the one of the shipping company. You can also block certain days, such as holidays, weekends or any day your store is closed.

2. Making a deposit or offering a payment plan

More expensive items are more difficult to sell. Not that they don’t want your product, but making a full payment up-front could be the issue. This tool makes it possible for your clients to buy that expensive product. Your client will have the option of making a deposit, which will reserve the item for them until full payment. You can also give them the option of a payment plan allowing them to pay off the amount in installments that you specify.

deposits-payment plan

Once the payment is made in full, your client gets his order. Youpiiii!

3. Add documentation and instructions to your products

Not all products can be used out of the box. Some need documentation or assembly instructions. And this is exactly what this add-on does for you. It allows you to easily add documentation to any product you have. Technical specs, assembly instructions, documentation or any file you feel the client might need before or after making the purchase. It even allows you to add a video to your product page! You also have the choice of placing these documents in a tab, at the top of the page. You can basically put them wherever you want.


4. Questions from the product pages

Once a client is on the product page and wants to ask a question in regards to the product, you don’t want him leaving the page to go to your contact page to ask a question about this specific product that is no longer in front of him, that he’d have to look for again. Having that form on the product page results in a better User Experience. This tool allows just that. Customers asking questions through a form on the product pages. Click on the tab on the product page, you have the form, and quest away!product-enquiry-form

Oh and, don’t worry about SPAM from online bots. The reCAPTCHA on the form will ask the users to prove they’re human before they can submit their question.

5. Open tickets for more complex issues

A store looking to manage complex products or quite a few customers can benefit from the tool. Customers will require help in your store. It doesn’t change online, no matter how many documents and answers to most common questions you might include.


Now your customers can “GET HELP” from their orders screen with just one click. You can respond to this ticket, and once the issue is resolved, you close the ticket. This tool comes with a variety of other options, including one that allows you to convert a comment on your blog into a ticket and even start conversations yourself! Pretty cool huh?!

6. Gist certificates

This neat little tool allows you to do just what it says….. and more! You can create unique and more complex coupons, offer store credit, and allow shoppers to buy gift certificates!gift-certificates

This is the perfect way for your customers to share the love they have for your store! Your client can even personalize the email that will be sent to whoever they are sending this Gift Certificate to! Add a little message telling them what it’s for, wishing them a happy birthday or just sending out the gift for absolutely no reason at all!

7. Free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. Really. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like receiving something for free! You might have an amazing client, super friendly, one who wrote an amazing review about your store or product. Whatever the reason may be, you can now reward them or even compensate an unhappy client! Select your client, select your product, and put a smile on this customers face! This tool can be used for virtual or downloadable products as well as physical goods.

There are many other ways to make a customer happy by showing kindness. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below with how you put a smile on your clients faces. It can be through social media, or email campaigns. Free shipping and special offers can be a good way as well.

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