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About Touché Studio

Touché Studio is a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization agency which specializes in building an online presence for small businesses worldwide. Founded in 2007, Touché got it’s start in printing and graphic design to cater to the promotional needs of small businesses. From the beginning, growing small businesses has been our passion…

Our Story

Graphic design and printing are valuable tools, but no graphic is worth anything if it is left in the dark. As search engine requirements have evolved over the last 13 years, so has our team’s focus and strategy, that’s why we spent the last decade optimizing the art of SEO. As it turns out, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) begins within the very foundations of the website itself, and that is why perfecting SEO means also perfecting web design strategy. Today, our team executes strategies designed to make any website search competitive, all while creating a user experience (UXI) that is sure to impress.

Our Passion

Comprised of an international team of web design, SEO, graphic design, advertising, content development and digital marketing experts, Touché Studio uses a specialized approach to making your site (and business) soar. But success doesn`t happen on accident (very often). Our processes follow strict adherence to a set of core values which drive everything we do.

Our Core Values

Touché Studio promises to adhere to the “fantastic five” principles when dealing with our team members and customers everywhere.




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Shared Vision

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