Website Care

Our websites come with a monthly website care plan. From basic plans to more inclusive ones, it’s your choice. Each one offers you support, access to our consultants as well as future upgrades and updates, supercharging your website and business.


Your website, a vital part of your business

Your website is crucial to your business. Its purpose is to generate prospects, customers, and income. It is a channel through which potential customers, suppliers, new staff members and partners use to do business with you. Your site is essential to the success of your business and you want peace of mind knowing that your site is available to your audience without interruption.

Any software must be upgraded, including the ones that power your website. Your competition is awake and innovating with new websites and online strategies. This opens a new front for you to compete on. More and more sites are pirated and attacked, even the big players, governments, and big institutions. It is part of the online world, and unfortunately, it can happen to any website.

All websites and software are vulnerable

Thinking of doing it yourself?

Keeping all software on your site updated, your data backed up and secure can take a long time and somewhat complex. It also keeps you from doing what you should be doing; building strong relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers and potential customers. Technology is continually evolving and staying on top of it all is a tedious task.

We fully understand and know the software on which your site is built upon. This puts us in the best position to keep your website operational and we can do it with your choice from one of our plans below.

Our love for your website

Our offer to you

All of our websites are offered with monthly care plans. We perform a variety of small tasks on your site throughout the month to ensure that your site is functional and doing what it’s supposed to do. Working with our team means that your site will continue to drive attention to your business. This comes at a fraction of the time and cost it would take if you did it yourself.

Website Care Plans

At Touché Studio, we believe in crystal clear billing. Something that does not change during the course of your project. You have a website setup fee, which is completely based on the scope of your project. You then have the choice of one of the monthly plans below, depending on your current business needs, meaning you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan. Please note that our current hourly rate is 150$/hour. If you plan on having us make content changes to your website, please consider a plan that includes hours of work, to reduce your cost. Without a plan that includes content updates, you will be charged a minimum of 30 minutes of the hourly rate.

  • Access to our Web Consultants
  • Support via e-mails and/or telephone
  • Licenses and updates for the design platform
  • Licenses and updates for modules
  • Updates to the content management system
  • SEO module
  • Google Analytics on your Dashboard
  • Website hosting
  • Enterprise level security
  • Broken links checking tool
  • Image optimization tool
  • Website cleanup tool
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • Website caching
  • Content Delivery Network (optional)
  • Pagespeed Optimization
  • SSL certificate
  • Video tutorials


Monthly plan for informational websites
$ 300 Monthly
  • Everything included above
  • Support via email only


Advanced monthly plan for infomrational websites
$ 400 Monthly
  • Everything included above
  • Support via email and phone
  • Unlimited small tasks


Advanced monthly plan for e-commerce websites
$ 570 Monthly
  • Everything included above
  • Support via email and phone
  • Access to all our e-commerce modules
  • Unlimited small tasks

*Unlimited small tasks cover any small task that can be completed within 30  minutes. It usually covers things such as adding testimonials, a new staff member, or a portfolio item for example. These do not include adding advanced functionalities like adding an e-commerce section or any advanced functionality.

Common questions about our website care plans

Our most frequently asked questions and answers

Our Website Care Plans are paid monthly. So all contracts are on a monthly basis.

Payments are made monthly by credit card and are set up to be a recurring monthly charge.

Yes you can. By accessing your My Account page, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

Like any business, operating costs do go up and let us not forget inflation. Since 2014 we’ve had 1 price increase.

Yes and no. Yes, some new features can be offered at no additional fees to our customers. While some new features do come with a price tag. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure all parties are happy!

Sure. We understand that not everyone has the same needs. These plans are packed with features to boost your online presence. Please call us so we can discuss your needs.