Preparing for your online store or catalogue

[mk_page_section][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is a short How To post to get you ready for your new e-commerce or product catalog website. We’ll go over preparing your product list for simple products. For products with variations (different sizes, colors etc…) of the same product, you should go through this post first and then head on to the variable one here.

Create your CSV for simple products

To help you get started, you can download the sample csv file here. If you’re planning on adding a product image, please add a column at the end with the file name of the image. Below you’ll find a table guiding you on what you need to fill in and what the system will be filling in.

idAssigned by our platform.N/AN/A
tax:product_typeRequired. Whether your product is Simple, Grouped, External, or Variable.simple / variable / grouped / externalsimple
post_idAssigned by our platform.N/AN/A
post_typeBy default, this is product.productproduct
menu_orderUse this to sort your products.Numerical5
post_statusChoose whether your post should be published or not.draft / publish / pending / privatedraft
post_titleRequired. Name of the product.TextKiller Heels
post_dateDate/time from your our platform admin. You only need to add a date if you don’t want to use the current date. If you’re updating products, leave this as the exported value unless you want to make the product appear more/less
02-01-2015*Both of these are January 2, 2015
post_contentPost content, normally a description of the product.TextSuper high heels are all the rage. Look beautiful this season with a gorgeous pair of killer heels. Available in 5 colors!
post_excerptShort description of the product.TextThis season’s latest heels!
post_parentUse for grouped products and variations. Enter the ID of the parent product. Note: Variables should be imported in a separate spreadsheet.Post ID234
post_passwordIf your post is private, include the password.Text!MyAwesomePassw!
visibilityChoose visibility for your product.visible / catalog / search / hiddenvisible
skuRecommended. SKU of the product. Must be unique.TextSH99786
upsell_skusSKU(s) of the product to which you wish to upsell.Text – multiple skus separated by a “|” character.SKU1|SKU2
upsell_idsID of the product to which you wish to ID – multiple IDs separated by a “|” character.236|569
crosssell_skusSKU(s) of the product with which you wish to crosssell.Text – multiple skus separated by a “|” character.SKU1|SKU2
crosssell_idsID of the product that can be purchased with this ID – multiple IDs separated by a “|” character.236|569
featuredWhether this product should be featured or not.yes/noyes
downloadableWhether your product is downloadable or not.yes/nono
virtualWhether your item is a non-physical object or not.yes/nono
regular_priceRequired for all products except variable products.
Normal price of your product.
Float (Decimal number)99.99
sale_priceSale price of your product, if on sale.Float (Decimal number)69.99
manage_stockWhether or not you are managing stock for the product.yes/nono
stockNumber of this item you have in stock.Numerical3
stock_statusWhether you have any in stock or not.instock / outofstockinstock
backordersWhether you’re accepting backorders.yes/no/ notifyyes
weightWeight of your product. Complete if you’re using weight-based shipping rules or a shipping method that pulls rates from an external service.
Use the same measurement unit set for your site.
lengthLength of your product. Use if you pull rates from an external service, such as USPS.
Use the same measurement unit set for your site.
widthWidth of your product. Use if you pull rates from an external service, such as USPS.
Use the same measurement unit set for your site.
heightHeight of your product. Use if you pull rates from an external service, such as USPS.
Use the same measurement unit setted in your site.
tax_statusUse to determine whether your product is taxable or not.taxable / shipping / nonetaxable
tax_classTax class of your, reduced-rate
Notice that you have to use the slug of the tax class.
Leave blank if the value should beStandard Rate.
tax:product_shipping_classProduct’s shipping classAllows you to set the Shipping Class when uploading a product to your store.Class 1
sale_price_dates_fromDate from when your sale price is used.MM DD YYdd MM YY MM” / “DD” / “YYDD” / “MM” / “YY”01/02/2013
sale_price_dates_toDate when your sale ends for this product.MM DD YYdd MM YY MM” / “DD” / “YYDD” / “MM” / “YY”01/04/2013
imagesImport images. Use a pipe to separate multiple images. Enter the image URL or file name. The importer will look in wp-content/uploads/year/month where year/month are the year and month in which the import is run. The first image is the main product image and will be used for the featured image.Textimage1.jpg | image2.jpg | image3.jpg
product_urlUse if the product is sold on another site. Used by External/Affiliate products only.URL
button_textText that will appear on your “Add to cart” button. Used by External/Affiliate products only.TextBuy on Amazon!
meta:_sold_individuallyCan the product only be sold on its own?yes/nono
meta:total_salesTotal sales for this product.Numerical56

Once you’re done, you can send it over to us, and we will import it and set up your new online store. Don’t forget, if you have product variations, go on to this post for part 2. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section, or give us a call.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]