How to Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level

Having an active online presence is critical to the success of any business, especially those that are just starting out. Being online makes it easier for your customers to find you all while increasing overall credibility. When you’re online, people tend to trust you more. And when people trust you, they naturally want to buy […]

Resizing and optimizing images for websites

Today I will go over the few steps needed to optimize your images for the web. This will be done in 3 steps, using free online tools. Images must be optimized before being uploaded to your website. This improves the performance of your website, the loading times, bandwidth usage. Basically, search engines love you more, and users […]

How to add your business to Apple’s Maps app


A client recently asked me how come his business was on Google Maps, yet could not be found on Apple Maps. Very interesting question, since most businesses found on Google maps are listed there without you having to input them. It’s a little bit different with Apple Maps. They decided to have it populated by […]

Preparing for your online store or catalogue

Getting ready to or thinking about opening on line store? Here’s a post to help you getting your content ready for the shop data. Feel free to share it, you never know which one of your friends is planning something!