Behind every beautiful website we offer you lies a powerful engine, empowering your online presence. Touché Studio’s platform is full of features, add-ons and tweaks for your website solutions. Need something that is not presented here? Don’t worry, we have plenty of tools up our sleeves.


WHAT – Touché Studio supports everything you see over here. Our websites come with full support, as well as our features. We are constantly working on keeping our network, templates, and features up to date with current technology and requirements. And we support you with any and everything you need and find over here.

EMAIL SUPPORT – Touché Creative Studio offers its customers email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We typically respond to requests within 24 hours, unless urgent. Our customer service team is entirely based in Montreal, Québec.

PHONE SUPPORT – Phone support is possible. For more information, please visit our Plans page to see more about our Phone Support Option.

LIVE CHAT SUPPORT – We are currently working on our Live Chat Support solution.

Domain Names

FREE DOMAIN NAME – Included with all of our plans is one free domain name (.com, .ca etc..). The new TLD’s are not included but are available for a very small fee.

DOMAIN MAPPING – By building your website on our servers and on our platform, Touché Creative Studio allows you to map your domain over ours. This means that your visitors will never see our domain when visiting your website.

MULTIPLE DOMAINS – You can map multiple domains to your website. Let’s say you bought all the domain names related to your business name. They can all be mapped to the same website.

YOUR OWN DOMAIN – Have your own domain registered with another provider? Point it to our server, map it, and you’re connected!


CONTENT OWNERSHIP – All the content you put on the Touché Creative Studio platform is owned by you.

ADVERTISING – We do not place ads on any of your websites. Ever. If you are running a blog and would like to make money by adding ads on to your website, you could. We will even help you set it up.

SIGNATURE – A signature is placed on your website saying “Powered by touché studio”. You can ask us to remove it at any given time.

PRIVACY – Your information is not our business. We build and host websites. Therefore, your information will never be sold. Period.


E-COMMERCE – An e-commerce solution that help you sell anything. This feature can be powered with many features, turning your website into a selling monster!

CSV IMPORT – Have quite a few products you would like to import into your store? Too many to be done manually? With this feature, you can upload as many items as you need. Literally.

MULTILINGUAL – This feature allows you to run the WE-COMMERCE add-on in multilingual mode, used with our ML (Multilingual Feature).

SHOP AS CUSTOMER – This allows you to shop as your customer. Got a call center where clients call in and place orders when they have a question? Instead of sending them back to shop on their own, take their orders as if you were them, and even accept their payment!

WISHLIST – Want to build wishlists. This is the perfect solution for you. You can even create shopping lists for your customers. Good for repeat orders, to say the least.

COMPARE – You know that compare option you see on all e-commerce solutions, allowing you to… compare multiple products. It’s all yours.

PDF INVOICE – Automate the sending of invoices to your clients once they place an order, in PDF format.

SEARCH – This custom unique feature allows you to search for anything in your website. Most platform will allow you to search for products by Title, words in description and so on. This one unleashes the power of searching across your whole store for anything you include.

LEGAL PAGES – Our legal pages feature allows you to add legal pages to your website with just a few clicks. Our list of legal pages includes terms of use, linking policy, refund policy, disclaimer, testimonials policy, affiliate policy and much more.

By activating the E-COMMERCE feature, you get access to any of the features above, giving you the ultimate power over your store. Monthly fee starting at 50$

Search Engine Optimization

INSANE SEO – Once activated, this will allow you to boost your site’s rankings through comprehensive and powerful sitemaps, title and meta data optimization, automatic site-wide linking and Moz integration.

CACHING – Very fast and effective caching option. Search engines love fast websites. You can even setup a CDN.

URLs – You can always change the name of your permalinks. Matching them with your page title is a good choice. These URLs are easily read and indexed by the major search engines.

INDEXED AND SEARCHABLE (OR NOT) – All of our websites are searchable and easily indexed by the major search engines. You can also keep your website private.

COMPETITION ANALYSIS – With the right plan, we will look at and analyze your competition the best we can. We will do so for the ones you mention and some of the ones on the top pages on the major Search Engines.

SERP POSITION – Where do you rank on the major Search Engines? Who knows…. WE DO! With this tool, you can know what position you are. Basically your Search Engine Results Page Position. What about your competition? We know where they rank on the major Search Engines as well.

LOCAL SEO – Got a local business? We have the right tools and strategies to get your local business ranking better on the major Search Engines. With our Local SEO tools, we optimize your website to perform better in Local Search Engines Results.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT AND SCHEDULING – Increase your social media engagement. Most social updates are seen by only a fraction of your audience. Social Media Management and Scheduling has become a burden. We offer you a better and more cost efficient solution.

By activating our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION feature, you get access to all of the features above AND MORE, giving you the best tools to optimize your website and content for all big search engines, using of course the best practices as required by them. Monthly fee starting at: 125$

Website Analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Everyone has access to their Google Analytics statistics from their dashboard. You can quickly and easily see your unique visitors, visits, browsers used and technology as well as other information.

Multilingual Website

MULTILINGUAL – Looking to make your website available in more than one language? This option allows to do just that. You can add the flags or a drop down menu.

Monthly fee of 25$

Import and Export

BLOG / WEBSITE IMPORT – Import your websit econtent from the major players, such as WordPress, Blogger, Blogroll, Tumblr and Joomla.

SHOP IMPORT – Import your store content from Shopify and WooCommerce.

CONTENT EXPORT – Export your blog and website content to an XML file.

SHOP EXPORT – Export your shop products and data, fix it, update it and re-import. An awesome solution for big stores.

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